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For all Sustainable Mechanical Systems

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#1012972  B, C-4, C-10, C-20, C-36, C38

Boilers, HVAC, Electrical,

Plumbing, Refrigeration

Residential Fire Systems



At Nor Cal Mechanical LLC, building sustainable buildings and houses is what we do. We serve Humboldt and Mendocino Counties offering the finest products available for a sustainable future. We also know that 80% of all the buildings that will exist in 2050 are already built today. If the existing buildings are ignored we will lose the race to save the environment for our kids and grandkids.   We have solutions to help make existing structures perform better!  Together we can re-use and repurpose the existing building and housing inventory into something more efficient and sustainable. Through innovation, measurement and verification, commissioning, retrofits and renovations, we can change the world one project at a time!

Heating and Cooling Units
Nor Cal Mechanical LLC will design, build, renovate, retrofit or service all types of HVAC mechanical equipment. We service and repair existing equipment with the goal of having it perform at peak efficiency.

Commercial Refrigeration:

Walk-In Coolers, Walk-In Freezers,

Reach-Ins, Ice Machines, etc.
We are a skilled Union workforce,  knowledgeable about any type of Commercial Refrigeration system being utilized today.


Indoor Air Quality Products:
The Indoor environment is where most people spend 70% to 80% of their day. It should be a clean and healthy place to breath and
Nor Cal Mechanical LLC can help make that happen.


High efficiency plumbing fixtures are part of our whole-building approach  to help reduce consumption of  our most precious resource--water.      Nor Cal Mechanical LLC plumbers will install the most efficient water saving fixtures and appliances being made today. 


Fire Sprinklers save property and, more importantly, save lives. A typical home can be engulfed in flames in five minutes. With no sprinklers, a home will burn until fire fighters arrive. A single sprinkler can control, and in many cases extinguish, a fire in seconds. Home fire sprinkler systems respond  within seconds to reduce heat, flames and smoke from a fire, giving you valuable time to get out safely.